acai berry


Euterpe oleracea

The açaí berry is the fruit of the açaí palm. Native to the Amazon, açaí has been consumed for centuries in both ancient and popular recipes in the northern regions of  Brazil. This purple super fruit is known for its remarkable flavor and is rich in anthocyanins (a natural constituent with antioxidant activity), amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, and minerals (mainly calcium and potassium).

Acai Extract Powder 5:1 – Product code 1261
Acai Powder – Product code 1001,1002,1003
Acai Flakes – Product code 1004
Acai Oil – Product code 1006

Foods and beverages, baked goods, nutritional products, supplements, confections, snacks and nutiritional bars, trail mixes, dairy products, and flavorings.

Provides antioxidants, upports healthy blood levels of cholesterol, boosts immune system, reduces muscular aches and swelling, provides omega 3s (essential fatty acids).

Adds suppleness and moisture to the skin (anti-aging), nourishes damaged hair.