Prunus dulcis

Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy heart. Almond Oil, especially with its vitamin E is also widely used as a skin conditioning agent due to its penetrating, smoothing and softening properties. Almond shell powder can be used as an exfoliant for the skin.

Almond Oil, Sweet – Product code 1009
Almond Meal – Product code 1266

Foods and beverages, baked goods, nutritional products, supplements, confections, snacks, nutiritional bars, trail mixes, dairy products, and flavorings.

Proteins, essential fatty acids.

Skin care: bath oils and salts, body creams, rash creams, moisturizers, antiperspirant/ deodorants, body sprays, and soap.

Feed, Nutrition.