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Green Tea Extracts

Camellia senensis

Green Tea is an excellent source of polyphenols as well as vitamin C, chromium and selenium. Polyphenols stimulate fat oxidation and metabolic processes in the body making Green Tea a useful application for weight loss.

Green Tea also contains catechin, an antioxidant chemical which may help to reduce incidences of tooth problems. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of Green Tea have lead to its use in many anti-aging formulas and topical applications for sun damage.

Green Tea Powder – #1173
Powder Extract (95% Poly, 50% ECGC) – #1218
Powder Extract (60% Polyphenol, 20% ECGC) – #1218
Powder Extract (45% Poly, 12% ECGC) – #1218
Green Tea Seed Oil – #1101
Tea Saponin (60-90%) – #1290


Foods and beverages, baked goods, nutritional products, supplements, confections, snacks and nutiritional bars, trail mixes, dairy products, flavorings.

Supports healthy blood levels of cholesterol, boosts immune system, used in weight management, supports gut, heart and digestive health, provides energy, supports prostate health.

Adds suppleness and moisture to the skin (anti-aging), nourishes damaged hair.

Adds antioxidants, supports eye and cardiovascular health, palatant, masking agent, feeding stimulant, odor inhibitor, rich source of minerals to support healthy system function.