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Origanum majorana

The marjoram plant comes from the Mediterranean region and has been used for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that if marjoram grew on the grave of a deceased one, they would enjoy eternal peace and happiness. Marjoram Essential Oil has a subtle lemon flavor and is similar to oregano. Marjoram Essential Oil helps with digestive concerns such as stimulating appetite and as a diuretic. It can be incorporated into dishes, teas and much more. Marjoram Essential Oil is used in a wide variety of nutraceuticals and functional foods for nutritional and health benefits.

Marjoram Essential Oil – Product code 1299

Bioflavanoids, preservatives, masking agent, aromas, and palatant.

Provides nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, anti-aging, supports healthy blood levels of cholesterol, boosts immune system, reduces muscular aches and swelling.

Masking agent, palatant, and prevents microbial growth.

Insect repellant, preservative, aroma, soil preparation and adjuvant.