Mustard seeds
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Brassica nigra

Mustard Seed Oil has many applications for food and industry. It is rich in fats, primarily polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Mustard Seed Oil supports healthy triglyceride levels in the body; triglycerides are linked with obesity, heart diseases, and many other health problems. Mustard Seed Oil also has high levels of vitamin E, which is beneficial for maintain healthy skin and hair.

Mustard Seed Oil Essential – Product code 1120

Salad dressing. The active ingredient in Mustard Extract is allyl isothiocianate, which is the known irritant in Mustard Extract to give it its sharp flavor.

Green Source Organics' Mustard Extract is an effective natural pesticide for applying to agricultural land. It is used as a biodegradable replacement for methyl bromide in the elimination of fungi and nematodes on the land and is in compliance with Food Chemical Codex for human consumption. Mustard Seed Oil has shown to be effective in fields at eliminating destructive fungi.