Oat Grass & Juice

Avena sativa

Oat Fiber provides many valuable nutrients into the diet including manganese, selenium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. Oat Fiber is particularly nutritious for its dietary fiber with its other health benefits ranging from improving digestive function, supporting cardiovascular and immune health, antioxidant benefits, to supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Oat FIber is available in a more concentrated form of oat fiber.

Oat Middlings are a great feed for all sorts of domestic animals.

Oat Grass Powder- Product code 1250
Oat Grass Juice Powder- Product code 1289

Nutritional fiber, binders, fat reducer, egg replacer, drink mixes, meal replacements, thickening agent, flavor enhancement, natural colorant, and extending freshness.

Supports healthy weight management and cholesterol levels, gut health, heart and digestive health.

Nourishing and exfoliating.

Adds fiber, palatant, masking agent, and supports healthy digestion.

Filtration, strengthening matrixes.