Peppers (Capsicum)


Whether spicy or sweet, Peppers (Capsicum) contain many phytochemicals with antioxidant capabilities. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body that can damage cells. Phytochemicals can also work as messengers in the body. Peppers are nutrient dense, rich with vitamins A and C, fiber, vitamin K, folate, and minerals. Peppers (Capsicum) can provide many essential nutrients and can be used as a beneficial flavoring addition. Due to the concentration and strength of many Peppers, they are now being used in a variety of industrial applications in soil preparation and as an organicide.

Cayenne Powder – Product code 1255
Habanero Powder – Product code 1176
Paprika Powder – Product code 1123

Foods and beverage, baked goods, nutritional products, supplements, snacks and nutritional bars, meal replacements, flavor enhancement, natural colorant, flavorings, and extending freshness.  

Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories due to overuse/exercise, anti-aging, supporting healthy blood levels, boosting immune system, relieving muscular aches from overuse and exercise.

Green Source Organics offers a combination of garlic extract, capsaicin, and grapefruit to serve in eliminating insects from agricultural environments.