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Tomato Powder
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Solanum lycopersicum

Tomato Powders and Tomato Extracts are obtained from fresh tomatoes, sorted and then washed. After concentration of mashed tomatoes under vacuum, Tomato Powder is obtained by spray drying.

Tomato Seed Oil is a remarkably nutritive and stable oil that is gaining increased demand as scientists continue to discover the functional and nutritive benefits that tomatoes offer.

Tomato Powder – Product code 1156,1197,1220
Tomato Fiber – Product code 1157
Tomato Seed – Product code 1326
Tomato Seed Oil – Product code 1327
Tomato Granule – Product code 1325

Foods and beverage, baked goods, nutritional products, supplements, confections, snacks and nutritional bars, trail mixes, dairy products, and flavorings.

Source of antioxidants, supports healthy blood levels, boosts immune system, relieves muscular aches from overuse and exercise, provides omega 3s (essential fatty acids), joint support, and supports prostate health.

Adds suppleness to the skin (anti-aging, moisturizing), adds shine and moisture to damaged hair, emollient.

Adds fiber, antioxidants, supports eye health, cardiovascular health, pallatants, masking agents, feeding stimulants, odor inhibitors.